Settings – Source Files

There are ( as at April 2019 ) 6 files which need to be uploaded into the database each month to complete the calculation of the billing. They are

  • Actual Energy – Energex ( AEX data )
  • Actual Energy – Ergon ( AEN data )
  • Actual Gas Consumption ( AGC data )
  • Teleperm – TPS ( TPS data )
  • Teleperm – Enertrade ( TEN data ) and,
  • Temperature ( TMP data )

Each of these files has a different file name, format and structure and may be transmitted via a zip file. The application is designed to allow the extraction of each of these file types, allowing for file name changes and delivery methods ( zipped or not zipped ).

Select the source file specification from the Source File dropdown list.
Once selected the current specifications for that file will be shown as follows:

  • Path: Specify the file system path to search for this file type. This path does not have to be unique to the source file specified. That is, you can put all source files in the same folder, they do not have to be stored in separated folders, however they can be if that is what you wish.
  • File mask: This is where you specify the file name mask. This mask is a regular expression mask that the application will use to match files in the Path. If you are not familiar with regular expressions please do not make changes to this setting without consulting someone familiar with regular expressions.
  • Unlock Process Settings button: This button is used to lock the process settings for the specified source file. You SHOULD NOT unlock and change these settings without the advise of the developer. These settings define the way the file is processed and stored and any changes may significantly alter the calculations or cause the application to fail completely.
  • Process Settings: These settings are shown for information purposes only. They should not be changed by the end user unless advised by the Developer.
  • Automatic Folder Monitoring:
    • Check folders on application startup: Turns off or on the automatic monitoring process as soon as the application starts. If you turn this setting off, the user is responsible for instigating the folder monitoring. There is no way to manually import a single file. All files are imported via the Folder Monitoring service. You can start and stop the monitoring service from the Shortcut bar.
    • Check folders every xx minutes: You can slide the indicator left or right to shorten or lengthen the time span between searching the paths for new files. The xx will update with the number of minutes as you move the slide indicator.
  • Unzip zip files: Turn this toggle off or on depending on whether you want to search zip files located in the Path for files.