About Us

CA Solutions (QLD) Pty Ltd was incorporated in 2007 in the state of Queensland in Australia.  Previous to this, the business was run as CA Solutions (QLD) a sole trader business registered in the state of Queensland, Australia.

The company provides consulting and custom programming, primarily in the area of business finance processes.  One of the Directors, Craig Sawers, has 20+ years experience as a finance manager in various locations around the Asia Pacific region in the Hospitality industry.

Craig has worked in resort hotels on the Gold Coast, Whitsunday islands and mainland region and the Sunshine Coast before moving overseas to work in Osaka Japan, Saipan (CNMI), Bali Indonesia and Guam (USA).

Craig wrote his first commercial program in DBase III while still in high school for a fruit Co-operative and maintained his passion for programming, and streamlining business processes through the use of computer programs.

CA Solutions can provide consulting in streamlining and improving efficiencies in the workplace.   Studies of current practices look at whether processes can be improved through either implementing new computer applications or processes, changing current computer application use, or even disengaging computer application use.

CA Solutions can provide programming services from automating Microsoft® Excel® in isolation, or integrating it with the other Microsoft® Office applications, through to complete standalone applications written in C++ and integrating into various commercial accounting packages or RDBMS’s.