Settings – Database

This section allows you to alter the settings related to the database the application links to. You SHOULD NOT make any changes to these settings unless advised to by the Developer or a Technology System Administrator.

  • Server: Enter the IP address and instance name of the database server.
  • Database: Enter the name of the database you want to connect to. Generally this will be TPS2018.
  • Use SQL Authentication: This determines if you use Active Directory security or authenticate on the SQL Server. Toggle to On to authenticate against the SQL Server.
  • Credentials: Enter the SQL Server login/user name and password in this area. The top edit box is for the login/user name while the bottom edit box is for the password.
  • Test Connection button: Allows you to test the connection settings.
  • Save Settings button: Will save the entered details for future use. This is irreversible. If you save changed settings and then realise you have made a mistake, you will have to enter the correct details and Save Settings again.
  • Revert Settings button: Will restore any changes made to the settings. This will not retore a previously saved set of entries, it will only revert back to the last saved entries.