Base Data – Settings

The Base Data section within settings allows you to review and add any base data values. Unlike the User Base Data page which is restricted to the Regularly changing values. As the majority of these base data values do not have significant amounts of entries, no chart is provided on this page.

You have the option to select between PPA1 and PPA2 base data values using the option buttons on the top left of the page. On this page you also have the ability to filter the code results via their grouping. The available groups (as at April 2019) are:

  • All
  • Static
  • Acceptance Test
  • Performance Test

After selecting an appropriate group filter (default is All) you can select a base data Code from the Code – Description dropdown list. Once a variable is chosen, the last 30 available entries from the current date will be shown in a grid below the selection.

If you need to add a new value to a variable, click the New Value button.  An edit box will appear and you can enter the new value in this box.  Select an Effective Date from the date picker to the left of the New Value button.  Once you are satisfied with your entries, click the Save button to the right of the new value edit box.  You will be presented with a dialog asking you to confirm saving the new value to the database.  Click Yes to save the value or No to return to the Base Data page where you have the opportunity to change your entries.  If you want to discard your entries altogether,  select another variable or move to another page (via the shortcut bar or menu slider).