Peak Periods – Settings

The Peak Periods page allows the review and addition of a set of Peak Period data. The Peak Periods page displays a grid with each half hour period down the rows and the days of the week across the columns, from Monday through to Sunday. (**note that this differs from the legacy system which ordered the days from Sunday through to Saturday). Within each cell is a checkbox that, if checked, indicated that the period is a Peak Period.

This data is generally static, however if there is a need to alter these periods you are able to change the selections as required. You can either check/uncheck the individual day/period that is to be considered a Peak Period or you can check/uncheck the checkbox next to the name of the day of the week which will check/uncheck every period in that day. You can also check/uncheck a period using the checkbox to the left of the period number on the row to check/uncheck every day of the week for that period. In addition to these shortcut methods of selecting multiple periods/days, you can copy a days settings from one day to another using the controls at the top left of the page.

To copy one day to another, select the source day from the Copy: dropdown list, then select the destination day from the To: dropdown list and then click the Copy button.

Once your edits are complete, select an Effective from: date from the calendar selector and click the Save Changes button. The Undo Changes button is to undo any edits to the data PRIOR TO clicking Save Changes.
**Note that these controls are only enabled once a change is made to the data